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Advisory Services

Growth is essential to a vibrant business. It could be found in a new product, a new market, or a new channel of distribution. Our proprietary process of scoring opportunities can rank what to work on first.

International Expansion can be an efficient way to grow if you have the right strategy. Our team has experience with manufacturers, importers, and domestic sellers on 4 continents.

Supply Chain Optimization is essential to reducing waste.
We can quickly rank opportunities to keep the focus on increasing the bottom line.

Strategic Sales Planning and Execution

With decades of expereince with virtually all US retailers, our team knows how to successfully place products with leading national accounts.

We work with all leading (non-food) retailers in the US.

Health & Wellness Authority

Leading the sleep improvement industry for the last 5 years, our team has unique expereince and credibility to build your authority in the Health & Wellness industry with weekly blog content, live social media events, and PR strategy.

Patent Strategy

Filing a patent is not difficult, understanding what patents to file, when to file them and how to build a defensible IP portfolio takes vision for the future landscape of your industry. Our process includes a review of your company's existing IP, an evaluation of the competitive landscape, and a strategy to protect existing and future products your company can produce.

Are you aware of IP funding sources? Are you familiar to funding sources to aid in enforcement of IP? We can help fill in the blanks.