2023 Credit Risk workshop

If you don't have a detailed plan in place to manage your credit risk to unstable resellers operating on open terms, you're in trouble.

We are limiting our January virtual workshop to only 50 participants. This program will provide you the tools needed to derisk your accounts receivable, and establish a shippment plan for the rest of the year.

Growth Planning

Growth is essential to a vibrant business. It could be found in a new product, a new market, or a new channel of distribution. Our propritary process of scoring opportunities can rank what to work on first.

We offer various programs ensure 10X ROI on your investment with our advisory work.

D2C Audit & Optimization

Selling online changes daily. Our expereince with D2C markeitng can provide insights on how to increase marketing efficeincy, reach new customers and improve conversion rates. Let us know where your pain in and we can focus in for maximum return on time and investment.

Sales Representation

With decades of expereince with virtually all US retailers, our team knows how to successfully place products with leading national accounts.

Looking to get set up as a new vendor? We take on only 3 new clients per month to maximize our opportunity for success. Contact us for more details on pricing.

Looking to grow your assortment online and instore? We can work on a % of net sales.